Driving to Malaysia? Afraid that your car will be stolen?

  • Car thieves can and will strike ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, when one is least expected. It may happen today, next week or a few years down the road. No one can predict when it will happen or guarantee that it will never happen.

  • That is why since 2003, more and more Car Owners and Car Rental companies rely on our Tracking Services to protect their cars and to enjoy peace of mind.




  • In 2016, Malaysia is ranked 6th in the world with the highest number of vehicle thefts. Though Singapore is not ranked high in the list, there are still many cases of cars being stolen here. 




  • Cars have been reported stolen at Hotel and Shopping Mall car parks, roadsides, homes, highways, petrol stations, next to police station etc. Almost anywhere!



  • It only take a few minutes to steal your car, even if you have Car Alarm, Immobilizer and Steering Wheel Lock installed. When car thieves use Car Jack and Car Towing methods, it is almost impossible to stop them from taking away your car.



  • Insurance company will only compensate you the car Market Value. This is usually much lower than your outstanding Car Loan because Market Value drop very fast. You need to top up the rest in cash and this can run into thousands of dollars!


Ever wonder why cars got stolen despite having Alarm, Steering Wheel Lock and Immobilizer? 

  • Car Alarm: Car thieves can easily disable your car alarm in seconds. Even the most expensive car alarms cannot prevent car thieves from stealing your car. In Malaysia, it is also common for the public to ignore car alarm siren because most people would not want to get themselves into trouble. As for 2-Way systems, you may get notified (if you are within signal range) when your car is being towed away but what can you do then? By the time you run to the car park, your car is already gone. Even if it is not gone, would you dare to confront the car thieves?

  • Steering Wheel Lock: Car thieves uses simple tools to render your steering wheel locks useless. "In tests conducted for Driving, it was discovered that with a few basic tools and a little know-how a thief could disable many of the most popular locks in less than a minute."

  •  Immobilizer: Immobilizer is useless when car thieves resort to tow trucks or Car-Jack. These methods are getting more common because they are simple and fast. During Car-Jack, car thieves will take away your car keys, transponder, smart card, mobile phone etc. If you still manage to immobilize your car and they are unable to drive your car away, they will come after you or just destroy your car by burning it down. Finding your car then is no better than not finding it at all.

Why waste money on something that is not effective on your 2nd most expensive asset?

Imagine yourself in a Car Jack situation: Car thieves suddenly confront you and your family members with knives/guns. Would you:

   a.   fight and risk you and your family lives or

   b.   immediately surrender your car keys?

Remember! Your car may be worth lots of money but you and your family lives are priceless!!


    Do you really want:

  • car thieves to earn tons of money at your expense? And be added into the statistics as one who have lost his/her car permanently to car thieves?

  • to waste time by filling in forms and waiting 6 months (without a car or renting one) before your insurance company is ready to compensate you?


  • to fork out thousands of dollars because the insurance compensation (based on market value only) cannot cover the outstanding car loan demanded by the banks?


  • to lose all your personal belongings placed inside the car like passports, luggage etc?


  • to lose all the special things you have installed like expensive car hi-fi, sport wheels, navigation system, engine booster etc?


  • to have someone driving your car but later failed to return, cannot be contacted and you have no idea where they are?

  • to go on an overseas trip and having to worry whether your car will still be there when you return? (car thieves like to target on cars that have been parked and left untouched for a few days)

  • to drive to Malaysia and be constantly in fear of car thieves who can strike anytime and anywhere?

If not, have our tracking device installed inside your car. Many of our customers were glad they did after we managed to find their stolen cars back. Don't wait until it's too late!

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